The Father's House

The Father's House

Transitional Housing, Spiritual Development, and Learning OPP
Transitional Housing, Spiritual Development, and Learning OPP

Dear Supporters;

Our program struggles each month to meet the needs of those we serve. In order to keep the current programs operating at maximum levels and to incorporate new programs designed to help those persons already facing hardships, your financial assistance is greatly needed.

Any contribution will be used to meet these needs or you may designate where you want your contributions applied.

Please click the PAYPAL DONATE button to make your contribution on our secured webpage or you can make your donations to the address listed below. Again, thank you for your generosity.

                                                   or mail to:         The Father's House
                                                                             1835 Portland Ave.
                                                                             Memphis, TN 38127

This project is funded by:

Tennessee Department of Mental Health
and Substance Abuse Services

TDMHSAS Website:




(that have a heart for the The Fathers House work.)

We are proudly thankful to God for the support they give.