The Father's House

The Father's House

Transitional Housing, Spiritual Development, and Learning OPP
Transitional Housing, Spiritual Development, and Learning OPP

Phase 1 - Entry Level:
This is the beginning step in the transitional housing process. Individuals are evaluated and then placed. Individuals should stay in phase 1 for approximately 2 months. Phone privileges are granted but no outings will be approved.

Phase 2 - Intermediate Level:
During this phase, the expected stay is again 2 months. Privileges are increased at this level. Curfew for Sunday-Thursday ends at 9:00pm; Friday & Saturday curfew ends at 10:00pm visitation is allowed at this level but you must be picked up from the house in order to obtain approval to leave. Outings are also permitted at this level.

Phase 3 - Senior Level:
At this level, individuals are encouraged to begin saving towards their independence. Basic financial skills are provided to ensure individuals know how to save money and also disburse money based on their individual need.

***This level also allows individuals who have valid license to obtain a vehicle based on the level of income being earned Consistent work habits and good behavior should be at its peak and a stable foundation should be established.

Phase 4 - Accountability Level
This is a major accomplishment to arrive at this level!!! Individuals have proven they are able to act independently regarding housing, finances, family, and community. Decision making skills are at their peak and each individual is prepared to re-enter society with the skills needed to maintain freedom.

Phase 5 - Graduation
Finally, all phases of the Father’s house Transitional Housing have been completed. Individuals are now able to live independently and provide for themselves and their families as needed. Applicants have re-entered society with dignity and respect and are continually working towards improving their lives and the lives of those around them.

***Pastoral support, Family counseling and Individual Counseling is still available and encouraged as needed. Group meetings are held once monthly to address and encourage as needed. Group meetings are held once monthly to address any foreseen issues and to keep updated on individual successes.

To promote the growth and continued success of the Father’s house, applicants are asked to give back through their time, talents and finances to ensure the continuation of the program.

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